Benefits of Tutoring with Carol

Tutoring Sets a Strong Foundation During Our Early Years of Development
It Also Builds Confidence for Optimizing Individual Potential and Creates a Path for Future Success

Elementary math student frustrated and needing tutoring.

Tutoring Provides Your Child With the Confidence to Succeed

  • I provide a personalized learning plan specific to each child's needs
  • Tutoring improves information retention while helping students learn on their own
  • One-on-One tutoring develops your child's skills with accuracy and speed
  • Get children back on-track or accelerate advancement
  • Regular tutoring eliminates summer slide

How I Set Students up for Success – The Kumon Method versus Traditional Teaching

The Kumon methodology involves observing students to individually guide them by providing hints and helpful feedback. This instructional approach places great importance of "self-learning," encouraging students to read, follow directions, think, write and do the exercises on their own.

Self-discipline, accuracy and speed are emphasized to develop each student's ability to reason and think logically.

In the traditional teaching approach the student relies more on modeling, coaching and engages in the partnership towards learning.

This method supports classroom instruction including problem solving, test strategies, questions and answers. The learning experience is emphasized to develop the student's ability to reason, be a creative thinker, and to learn from others in an interactive environment.